Friday, 25 March 2016


Hello! And welcome to my little blog.
I'm Jules and I live in the north of England.
I enjoy walking, the great outdoors, baking, occasional crafting and running my home.
I strive to keep my life as simple and stress free as possible, taking each day as it comes, appreciating what I have.
Please join me as I share a little bit of my world.
The kettle is always on and there's usually some cake on offer - if I haven't eaten it all first.
J. X


  1. I looked at your first blog post thinking that it would be a good place to find out in what area you live. where you are from. A small town in the north of England will do nicely. I live in a medium size town in the Midlands. I love to know whereabouts my readers are from. I actually met up with one of them in October when I went to stay just a couple of miles from where she lives. Both our husbands were concerned about our "internet dating" with strangers but we found each other to be quite normal, and got along fabulously!

    1. It must have been lovely to have a meet up, especially as you got on so well. It's wonderful how blogging allows us to connect with people from all over the world. X