Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Special Day

Last weekend was Lily's birthday and all we have heard for the last couple of weeks is "three candles"!
We had a lovely day, just the three of us, with family joining us in the evening for a slice of cake and, of course, some party rings.
The day was ours to do as we pleased so we travelled to Haverthwaite and caught the steam train to Lakeside at the south shore of Windermere. A relaxing  journey of about three and a half miles.

Beautiful views as we got off the train.
Overlooking the lake towards Gummers How. The view from the top can be seen on my spring post here.
This is where we boarded the steamer and set sail, travelling up the lake towards Bowness. A fabulous boat trip with amazing views over the lake.

Following a picnic lunch at the side of the lake we returned the same way.
My gorgeous girl, who doesn't deal well with fuss and noise, had the perfect Lily kind of day. I enjoyed it too. Great memories.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

May Sunshine


Days are longer, the windows are open wide and the air is heady with the scent of blossom.
Clothes are fewer, floatier and more colourful and life is suddenly being lived outside underneath a generous slick of sunscreen.

We've enjoyed picnics, met up with friends, woodland Bluebell walks, ice cream (lots), simple meals and refreshing cool drinks. Even the paddling pool has made an appearance.


I know it is probably going to be short lived which is why we are making the most of every sunny moment.
Housework has fallen by the wayside and been replaced with gardening, watering and tending to the plants which have suddenly sprung back to life.

(Please be reassured the arms that look quite pink in this photograph are most definitely not).

Thanks to some recent job changes we have been managing to spend more time than ever together as a family. Time we didn't realise just how much we were missing until now.
I love this time of year.
Life is good.
J. X