Sunday 31 January 2021

January Brings the Snow

I never intended to leave it this long between posts. More than in previous years, this January has been a long and tedious month. Always my least favourite time of the year, it has proved even more challenging than usual. The cold weather and lack of sunshine, along with the limitations of lockdown restrictions are enough to test even the most positive outlook -  and I was never blessed with one of those :) 

Still, I've been keeping busy, although I am beginning to grow weary of the repetitive days. Much like last year, for now at least, my diary remains empty aside from birthdays and anniversaries. Weekdays are filled with home learning - both Lily's and mine, and with much more structure than during the first lockdown there is a greater expectation to keep on track, leaving us with little time to relax. 
With  tensions running high one day last week, I holed myself up in the kitchen making marmalade. I was pleasantly surprised by the therapeutic properties of carefully shredding the orange peel, the delicious aroma of simmering oranges and, of course, the finished product made it all worth the effort, especially with the added brandy. My taste buds definitely approve and peace was restored.

As you can see, we've had some more snow. Both snowfalls came as quite a surprise. The first covering lasted a while longer than the second, which disappointingly began to thaw later that same day but it still looked so lovely for a short time. Tomorrow is the start of a new month. In January it often feels as though time is standing still and I'm just marking the days until I see them noticeably begin to lengthen. Evidence our wheel is turning.
This afternoon I saw some lambs in the field. Spring is on it's way. 

J. X