Monday 13 February 2023


I have always considered myself to be a fairly upfront and truthful person. Oh, alright then, too truthful at times, if I'm being honest. And I must admit, I do feel a little concerned occasionally when asked for my opinion on something, on the basis of my 'refreshing' honesty :)

The same goes for my posts here. Naturally, I prefer to focus on the bright and positive side of things - there is enough misery in the world to read about without me adding any more to it. I do have the not-so-positive going on behind the scenes from time to time, although not much more than anyone else has to deal with, thankfully.

I like to think my posts are light hearted, some nice images and a few snippets of what I've been up to. Many of you have an idea what I do for a living, which is absolutely fine, but I don't talk about it at all on here due to the confidential nature of my job, which I am sure I may have mentioned before. And there will always be those who make assumptions about my life from what I choose to share on here, which I completely understand, and that can't be helped. I'm guilty of it myself ;)

I always consider myself incredibly fortunate in that I am part of this wonderful blog community on here and I really appreciate and cherish the interactions I enjoy with so many of you, both here and on my visits to your own blogs. Ever since I began writing here, I have even been lucky enough to have mostly avoided trolls and unnecessary comments, aside from the computer generated ones, and even they have all but stopped lately - Perhaps I shouldn't have put that out there!  

So you can imagine how disappointed I felt to have received a comment asking as to whether or not Lily was with me 'all the time', as it would appear that I hadn't mentioned her in my previous post. 

Perhaps I am over-thinking this, but I have always thought that whenever I have mentioned Lily in my posts, it has always been done with careful consideration and respect for her privacy. I have specifically chosen never to disclose too much information regarding my family or any of my friends for this same reason. And why the answer to this question would be of any concern to  'Anonymous' I am really not sure. Genuine curiosity? Perhaps. But the insensitive way in which the question was directed leads me to think otherwise.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm curious. In this age of sharing so much of our lives online have I perhaps shared too much previously that it was thought acceptable to ask such a forward question, or am I perhaps being over sensitive? How do you exercise caution with the information you choose to share on your posts?

J. X