Thursday 1 June 2023

Beda Fell

For a while now, I had been meaning to walk up Beda Fell, on the eastern side of Ullswater. We had already climbed it's neighbouring fells, so on this occasion there would be just this summit to tick off our list. The starting point which I had in mind for this walk was a little bit out of my way, and with limited parking available, I knew an early start would be required. That was until I realised we could actually reach that side of the lake by boat - I know, I even surprise myself at times :)

We still set off reasonably early, allowing for seasonal traffic, but the drive was very quiet and we arrived in Glenridding with plenty of time to spare. We left the car here, as our route would eventually bring us right back again. And it was here that we boarded the steamer, making sure to sit at the back to enjoy the best views, as we travelled up the lake towards Howtown. It was a pleasantly warm morning and we were soon able to take off our jackets, before getting off the steamer at the lake shore beneath Hallin Fell. 

Our walk began alongside the steep and winding lane which leads to the church at Martindale. We then dropped down into the valley, before following the straight, clear track leading up to Alan Crag, then a little way farther along to Beda Fell. It was perfect weather for walking. The light cloud cover prevented us from getting too hot, and there was barely a breeze. The views towards Ullswater were beautiful, and we  had to keep stopping to look back and appreciate them.

I always love to see Bog Cotton. A clear indication to stay on the path. I had also hoped we might have caught a glimpse of the red deer, which are found in this area, but disappointingly they were nowhere to be seen.  

Beda Fell summit. Looking towards Ullswater, with Hallin Fell in the centre. We stopped here while we ate our chocolate, then descended towards Bordale Hause, a pass which links the Boredale and Patterdale valleys, where we ate our lunch. From here we headed down towards Rooking, re-joining the Ullswater Way path to Glenridding, back to where we started, and where we treated ourselves to an ice cream. 🍦

J. X