Tuesday 29 March 2016


Following some seemingly never ending long, wet, windy and dark Winter months, Spring finally arrived and with it brought some much welcome sunshine.
I can't tell you how amazing it has felt to open wide the windows, hang out the washing and get outside in the fresh air without wearing full waterproof gear.
We started our week  with a walk up Gummer's How. An invigorating climb of a short but steep hill at the southern end of Windermere. The sky was blue, the air still and the views from the top were fantastic and clear. The fells in the distance still holding on to just visible strips of snow.
We also completed a farm trail walk through fields and woodland, even spotting a Heron by the pond.
Everywhere we turned there seem to be an increasing number of lambs and Daffodils.
The field full of chickens is always a firm favourite with Lily. She loves to be surrounded by them.
As a family we don't make a huge deal of Easter but the Easter Bunny did drop by and leave a basket of chocolate eggs
I took some time out from sock knitting to crochet some eggs. They were quick and easy to make and inspired by the pastel shades of Mini Eggs. Luckily I had all but the blue coloured wool left over from other projects.
Lily and I took a walk by the canal path to collect some twigs to make the 'tree'. She really enjoyed hanging the eggs.
J. X

Friday 25 March 2016


Hello! And welcome to my little blog.
I'm Jules and I live in the north of England.
I enjoy walking, the great outdoors, baking, occasional crafting and running my home.
I strive to keep my life as simple and stress free as possible, taking each day as it comes, appreciating what I have.
Please join me as I share a little bit of my world.
The kettle is always on and there's usually some cake on offer - if I haven't eaten it all first.
J. X