Sunday 23 October 2022

Autumn 🍂

The autumn season is fully upon us. Shorter hours of daylight mean that I am usually travelling to work in the dark, and at the very least the light is fading fast when I return home in an evening.  The days have mainly been cloudy and damp, although it still remains quite mild for the time of year which, thankfully, means there has been little need for the central heating to be switched on. A small but necessary victory in the current climate.

The surrounding countryside is displaying some beautiful autumn colour, but the paths are becoming treacherous, covered with soggy leaves, sycamore seeds and beechnuts. On the fells, the once vibrant green bracken has taken on a warm russet hue. My coffee table is, once again, covered in conkers :)

I've been spending more and more time at home lately. Partly, this has been because of the downturn in the weather but also, I've felt more of a need to anchor myself in these continuing uncertain times. I realise that comfort food, a cosy sofa and warm woollen blankets are what I require at the moment, and I am more than happy to indulge myself. Mog frequently positions herself on a cushion right beside me. Perhaps she feels the same. 

Yesterday, the weather turned out a little brighter than expected, and so we took ourselves off on a short walk up to Lanty's Tarn, near the village of Glenridding. The paths and lanes quite empty now, a sharp contrast to the height of summer. Fortunately, the weather remained fine for the most part, just enough of a light shower to produce a few rainbows. On this occasion, the low level of the walk meant I could leave my full waterproof kit behind, and made for more of a relaxing stroll.

Today, I've achieved very little, besides doing some baking and a few rows of crochet. Tomorrow morning, we're heading out in search of a pumpkin. 🎃 Then later in the week, things are going to get a lot more fun ;)

J. X