Monday 7 December 2020

Winter Spice Vodka

With temperatures just above freezing, it was a very chilly ride into work this morning. The sun was still to rise and the roads were blissfully empty. It was a very early start, but there is something wonderful about being out at that time of day when most people are still tucked up in their beds. 

My morning passed quickly and it didn't seem long before I was home again. A quick bite to eat and I soon remembered about the blackberry vodka, which had been steeping in the cupboard since the end of summer. It seems a long time ago now, and back when the weather was still warm and sunny it did feel a little odd to be making use of cinnamon and cloves in the kitchen, but for minimal effort these few ingredients magically transform into a delicious drink just a few months later. There is a link to the recipe in the sidebar if anyone would like it.

Whilst sterilising some bottles in the oven, I set about straining the blackberry mixture through a muslin cloth and into a large measuring jug. It was very important that I squeezed out every last drop, as I really wouldn't want to waste any :) 

If my previous year's batches are anything to go by, it really is delicious and I'm looking forward to enjoying my first taste at the weekend. And, no, the mistletoe has not been placed there to make it look aesthetically pleasing, I just haven't got around to hanging it up yet :)

J. X