Wednesday 27 December 2023

Hunkered Down


I'm not entirely sure where the day has gone and, fuelled by copious mugs of coffee, I've achieved very little besides making a considerable dent in the Roses chocolates. 

In sharp contrast to yesterday, the weather has been terrible, or else I would have gone out for a walk. The heavy rain and strong winds have been unrelenting, and I've been hunkered down indoors, tree lights on and candles lit, trying in vain to cling on to any remaining festive spirit. I've also used the weather as an excuse to try and enjoy a well earned res, but I think I need some lessons on how to relax - I've been feeling twitchy all day :)

Blogger has been up to it's old tricks. I don't know what happened to my previous post, but I think I've managed to salvage it. That said, I've still had to retrieve some earlier published comments from spam - does anyone know why  that happens? 

Tomorrow, I'm putting in place a plan of action. I'm going to look ahead to next year and make a list of things I'd quite like to accomplish. Things I'd like to do, places I'd like to go etc. I've had a few ideas already, but I also think it's about time I stepped out of my comfort zone.

J. X