Monday 3 October 2022


I do realise we are now into October, and as the title proves just how infrequently I have posted lately, I thought another little catch-up might not be a bad idea. 

The new school term began slightly later than usual, which meant we enjoyed a longer than average summer break and so we used this time to take another trip to London. We stayed for two nights, enjoying a full day out in the capital, taking in Tower Bridge, The Museum of Natural History, St. Paul's Cathedral and Hyde Park. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we made the most of the good weather, enjoying a picnic in the museum garden and spending much of the afternoon cooling off in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. 

Back home once more, we barely had chance to unpack, when we set off again. This time, to Ullswater for a day of paddleboarding, before travelling further north to spend the night in what should have been a camping pod, but thanks to a double booking, we ended up staying in a safari tent instead. It even contained a double bed, which made for a very comfortable stay. A fish and chip supper, followed by an evening beside the campfire provided a lovely way to round off our summer.

Two days later we started back at school for the autumn term, and as usual it felt good to fall back into a familiar routine once again. 

Determined to eke out every last moment of summer, that weekend we drove to Blackpool so that we could see the Illuminations, eat fish and chips, and best of all, enjoy fresh doughnuts bought from the pier. Our faces almost pressed right up against the glass, just to see the wonder of the batter being dropped into the hot oil and transforming into this delicious sugary treat, right before our eyes - I really need to get out more :)  

The last two weekends, we've been out walking, taking in three more Wainwrights and we have, at last, completed all of the Eastern Fells. I'm looking forward to exploring further afield now, and I am challenging myself to make it to the halfway point by the end of the year. 

Looking back over the month, I can see why I've had little opportunity to post. And now that the seasons are shifting, summer is but a distant memory. It's time to slow down, prepare for the colder months ahead, and embrace all that autumn now has to offer. 

J. X