Monday 22 May 2017


Last week we celebrated Lily turning four years old. I can't begin to think how quickly this last year has gone by. She has changed and grown so much in this time and as each day that passed has seen her face new challenges, I am so incredibly proud of what she has managed to achieve.

Cards and gifts were opened in the morning, her favourites being a garden swing, books and some fabulous rainbow wellies. We just managed to put up the swing on the Saturday evening before it went dark, ready for her to discover the following morning. Her little face lit up when she saw it.  It was such a joy to see. I can see many happy hours spent on it this summer.

I made two cakes for the special day. One to take to share at pre-school that morning and one to enjoy at home. They were both deliciously chocolatey and covered in icing and other goodies.

Lily enjoyed a delightfully happy day and I can't wait to discover what adventures the coming year has in store for her.
J. X