Tuesday 22 December 2020

Snowflakes and Christmas Lights


In sharp contrast to yesterday, this morning dawned bright and clear. There had been a light frost overnight. The grass sparkled and the water had frozen on the bird feeder. Unusually for me, on such a beautiful day, I was in no hurry to leave the house. A gentle morning pottering indoors was more enticing and resulted in the last of the fairy lights being hung across the kitchen, the muddle of boots getting cleared from the hallway and many, many tiny pieces of paper scattered all across the table.

The mess was worth it, however. Seventeen paper snowflakes and four sore fingers later, one 'fairly' impressed little girl, and and the dining room window is now finally decorated. I say fairly impressed, as Lily was hoping to contribute more than she did but, unfortunately, the thickness of the folded paper meant the cutting out was a little too difficult for her. She did, however, enjoy very carefully unfolding the paper triangles to reveal the finished snowflakes. These were not always a complete surprise to me, as to make things easier, I'd printed off some templates I had found online. You can probably tell which ones from the above photograph.

This evening we took a trip into town. Once again, it was good to see people out and about, shopping safely, enjoying drinks outside cafes. 

Having already completed my Christmas shopping it was lovely to just walk through the streets and admire the displays. So many beautiful lights.

I'm almost ready for Christmas now. I've still some presents to wrap and I'm looking forward baking our gingerbread house tomorrow.