Saturday 2 December 2023


This morning I had planned to go foraging for some greenery, so that I could make a start on creating my door wreath. I missed having a wreath last year and I do love how they make a house look so welcoming and festive. 

Wrapped up warmly, we set out nice and early, before there was anyone else around. Everywhere was so quiet and still. It felt as though the whole world was ours and ours alone. Well, this small corner of it, at least. The sky which had been a gorgeous pink colour when we first set out, now appeared full and heavy. A few light snow flurries fell through the the air, but the forecast hadn't shown anything to be too concerned about. I know better than to get too excited at the first signs of any snow, as it usually turns out to be rather disappointing. 

We walked through the village and up the lane before heading back across the fields and along by the river, which is where I usually find the best branches. As well as some greenery, I also managed to gather some fir cones, although they were a little tricky to spot beneath the ever increasing amount of snow, which by this time was beginning to settle over the path.

It was not my original intention and I'm not certain what made me realise we should head back home at this time, but I am so relieved that we did. The snow continued to fall thick and fast. 
This afternoon we played some Christmas music and set about decorating the house. Many of the local roads are now impassable and we have been advised against all but essential travel. Tomorrow, I think I will be staying home. I might even make my wreath. 

J. X