Friday 15 July 2022

Two Years

If you have been reading here for a while now, you might remember this post and this post in which I talked about images I captured of Lily on Latrigg, a small fell just above Keswick. This began way back in 2014 when she was just over a year old and we walked up there together (Actually, Lily was in her carrier for much of it but she still managed to walk the final stretch). Two years later, and during the same walk, I coincidentally took a photograph of her in almost the exact same spot. Since then, it has become a tradition. So every two years we walk up Latrigg and I take a photograph of Lily sat overlooking the lake. The last time was in 2020. I can't think two years have passed since then - and what a couple of years!  

Anyway, last Sunday I thought would be the perfect opportunity to take the latest photograph. It was a beautiful, bright sunny day and there would be the chance of a quiet morning, before The Lakes become overwhelmed with summer visitors. Our early start to the day, meant we could enjoy an almost deserted summit, which on Latrigg is an achievement in itself. I was able to to take the photograph, and we managed to sit for a while taking in the scenery, before more people began to arrive at the viewpoint. There may have also been chocolate :)

Just look how she's grown! It seems like no time at all since our first walk up Latrigg and I remember it well. The day was overcast but warm, and Lily was happily snacking on rice cakes (still a firm favourite), when I took the photograph. 

Heading back down the fell, we passed an increasing number of people out walking and I instantly knew our early start had been the right decision. And as we still had the rest of the morning to do as we pleased, we made our way back through Keswick and down to the lake, where we enjoyed a refreshing paddle, before eating our lunch in the shade of a large tree beside the lake shore.

Before we made our way home again, there was just one more thing I needed to do...

We took a walk through Hope Park to visit the bronze statue and bench dedicated to Max The Miracle Dog. You might remember I met Max and his owner last summer, the evening before the statue was to be unveiled. Since that night, I had always intended to go back and see it for myself, and it really is something special, although nowhere near as special as Max himself, who, very sadly, is no longer with us.

It was a lovely weekend and now I am counting down the days until our summer break. I have a some thoughts on a few things I would like to do, but my focus will be on relaxing, enjoying the unhurried mornings, and I might even pick up my crochet hook!

J. X