Thursday 13 December 2018

Festive Sparkle


Cards have begun landing on the door mat regularly so, along with a planned visit to the Christmas market at the weekend, what better time to get our festive sparkle on.
The weather has been so damp recently that, during the week, I had already brought the tree in from the garden to the back porch, so it could have plenty of time to dry out but by Friday evening, following a very busy week, we were so exhausted we decided to leave any decorating until the following morning. We wanted to take the time to enjoy the occasion, taking out the now familiar baubles from their boxes and hanging them on the tree, then adding to them the newly discovered decorations bought for Lily each Christmas. This year she chose a cute little polar bear.
I say 'we' but, to be honest, I hardly got a look in. And, as for savouring the moment, Lily was so excited that as soon as the lights were on the decorations were hung in no time at all, although I may have needed to adjust her work ever so slightly, to even things out a bit. 😉

Our festive excitement continues to increase and as well as delivering the first of our presents, on Sunday we had great fun visiting the Christmas market in Manchester. There is always such a buzz in the air at these events, everyone enjoying themselves, the enticing aromas coming from the stalls and the wonderful array of Christmas goodies but, oh my, it was busy! Although it would have been lovely to stop and eat some of the delicious treats on offer, we thought it best to take some time  out from the hustle and bustle and ate instead at a nearby restaurant. This proved fortunate for Lily, as our lovely waitress was kind enough to give her a fairy light necklace, which, as it turns out, is just the greatest thing ever when you are five years old.

This coming weekend is the Nativity and, once again, Lily is to be an angel, which is fortunate for me as she still has her costume from last year. All week long she has been practising her one (but VERY important) line, which is 'Hark! This is the first Nowell and we're hailing the Heaven-born Prince of Peace. So come. Let us adore him.' which is better than at the beginning of the week when she thought it read 'So come. Let us order him.' 😊

I've written all my cards now, although I suspect there will be one or two I have forgotten - isn't it always the way? I still haven't made my door wreath but I hope I will get the opportunity this weekend. How are all your preparations coming along? X