Wednesday 24 April 2019

Holiday Weekend

As is always the way, the holidays have been and gone in the blink of an eye and I feel like I'm playing catch up once again - but I'm not complaining, we've had such a wonderful time. The first week was spent mainly on Lily's daily swimming lessons, catching up with chores in the house and garden, and the occasional afternoon out. The second week was a little more relaxed but, as the weather continued to improve towards the weekend, we decided to really make the most of it before our return to work and school.

Last Friday we took a trip to Piel Island, which is just a short ferry ride from Roa Island, on the Furness Peninsula. It was a beautiful day and a little busier than usual with everyone out enjoying the sunshine, so we had to wait until the ferry's third run before we could reach the island - the ferry is a small boat which can only take a maximum of twelve passengers at a time. The water was lovely and calm so it was a gentle crossing and once on the island we found a peaceful spot where we could sit by the shore to enjoy a picnic lunch and collect some shells before exploring the castle ruins.

The following day, at Lily's request, we went to a 'real beach.' In other words, one with sand! Another gorgeous day filled with paddling, a picnic and sandcastles. It was delightfully warm and sunny. Looking out from the shore, the sea appeared to almost merge with the sky and, of course, Lily made some sand angels. In the evening we made chocolate egg nests, which were completely delicious and, funnily enough, didn't stay around for very long.

On Sunday morning, following an earlier than anticipated egg hunt in the garden - 6.45a.m.! - we set off for another visit to the nature reserve.  We arrived quite early so it was still lovely and quiet - just the sound of the sheep and the birds. Even the sound of the water from the beck wasn't as obvious as on our previous visit, due to a lack of recent rainfall. Another lovely day out and even better when there was my home made brocolli quiche to come home to. The warmer weather has seen a definite change to the food we are eating and it feels good to be preparing lighter, healthier meals.

Finally, on Monday we stayed close to home and took a walk through the fields to the nearby woods. I thought the Bluebells would be almost out, but as I hadn't been to these woods in a while, I wasn't sure. They are always so lovely, although I wasn't expecting them to be as stunning as this. I may have taken a few more photographs but I think these beautiful flowers deserve a post of their own.

J. X