Sunday 25 July 2021

A Walk to Calf Crag

As I stepped into the garden, early in the morning, it felt noticeably cooler than over the last few days. And yet, although slightly overcast, the sky showed promise of a bright sunny day ahead. 

While I was waiting for for my coffee to brew, I fed Mog, then made up our sandwiches and packed some of the flapjack I'd baked yesterday morning for our lunch. An earlier start for us today, as I wanted to be sure of a parking space - I like to set off walking as soon as I can. 

Once dressed, I checked the forecast again. The weather was on our side, dry and sunny with a gentle breeze - perfect for getting up on the fells. There aren't many days in the year that we can get away without packing some sort of waterproof or warm jacket. 

Our early start meant there were no issues with traffic and, as I'd hoped, we were able to park up with ease, and in a shady spot. Our walk began on a narrow lane passing by some old cottages and a farmhouse, where there were some fresh eggs for sale. Presumably, these had been laid by the hens and ducks which were roaming the lane nearby. I made a note to myself to remember to collect some on my way back, before continuing further down the hill, over the little bridge and then up to where the lane met a rough track heading along the Greenburn Valley. It was so peaceful there, the quiet occasionally disturbed by the sound of loud rustling close by, which was unnerving at times, until we saw a friendly face appear above the bracken.

The track rose gently alongside a dry stone wall up the valley, to cross the beck over some large stepping stones. It then climbed a little more steeply, barely visible at times through the long bracken, before finally approaching the clear ridge path towards the summit.

Here, the light breeze was most welcome and made for a pleasant spot to rest for a while, enjoy (a very early) lunch and take in the views, before retracing our steps back down the valley to return to the car once again. Not forgetting my eggs, of course :)

J. X