Sunday 19 December 2021

Jack Frost Nipping at My Nose

It was still incredibly cold when I woke this morning. As I crept quietly downstairs and into the kitchen, my head was turned by the brightness of the full moon shining in through the window. It was beautiful. The Cold Moon, a sign of the approaching solstice, and with it the ever increasing daylight hours. I sat alone and drank my first coffee of the day, before checking the bird feeder, then hanging up the laundry to dry.

Just as I had promised, Lily's bedding was changed. Every Christmas she likes to use the same Santa and reindeer duvet cover that she has had for years now, and I must admit even I think it is quite cute, especially considering I'm not a fan of the bearded one! I've also bought some new fitted sheets with Christmas trees on. They're brushed cotton, so are extra cosy.

Mid morning, we wrapped up well and went out for a walk. Even in our hats, scarves and gloves it was all we could do to keep warm. The grass and leaves crunched beneath our feet, as I wrapped my scarf around just that little bit tighter, slightly regretting my decision not to wear my salopettes, as the cold air seeped through my jeans. 
A short stop off at a nearby cafe provided me with an opportunity for a quick warm up. My icy cold fingers grateful to be wrapped around a steaming mug of Hot chocolate. 

Any respite was shortlived,  however, as the return to the car was just as chilly. By this time my nose had turned pink and my fingers were going numb. I should know by now, that my body does not deal with cold weather very well, as when I got home it took me an age until i was feeling properly warm again. Thank goodness for cosy sofas and warm snuggly blankets.

This evening, I finally got around to baking a tray of mincemeat shortbread. I had originally intended to bake some individual mince pies but as we will no doubt be going out walking later on in the week, some slices of shortbread are far easier to wrap up and take with me. If, indeed, it lasts that long ;)

J. X