Sunday 31 December 2017

Year's End

Another year comes to a close and it is a time of reflection for many, myself included. 2017 didn't get off to a great start for me, but looking back now I know I have so much to be thankful for and, for what it's worth,  it's been a pretty good year.
Our Christmas was lovely. Fairly quiet compared to some, but spent in good company and with good food. On Christmas Eve we went for a rather soggy walk through the woods. A little bit of calm, it was so quiet with no one else around (unsurprising given the weather), but good to get out knowing there wouldn't be an opportunity to do so the following day. Cookies were made, stockings hung and a very excited little girl eventually fell asleep.

Christmas day itself was spent at home with the whole family here, and as often happens it went by in a flurry of present unwrapping, playing with toys, cooking and eating. The subsequent days were a mix of walking, relaxing and enjoying being at home. That wonderful period of time between Christmas day and New Year when days merge into one and there is no real sense of purpose. The weather has been cold but beautiful, and ideal for some gentle rambles, the low light being typical of the time of year. It was the perfect opportunity to put my new Christmas presents of a  bobble hat and woolly socks to some good use, and very cosy they are too.

Today we enjoyed a lovely lunch out at a nearby country pub and tonight we will raise a glass and see in the New Year quietly at home.
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read my blog this year. I really appreciate it and have loved reading your comments. 
However you are spending it, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.
J. X