Tuesday 30 October 2018

Late October

Our half term break passed by rather quickly, and since the clocks went back at the weekend, the shorter days are a reminder that we are now heading towards the end of the year. This morning we woke to frost in the fields, but accompanied with bright sunshine and a clear blue sky, it has been a beautiful autumn day. And as if I didn't need another reminder about how fast the days are going, Lily returned home from school this afternoon with a Christmas card order form. I know I'm going to have to get organised in that department, but it just feels a little too soon right now. I'm enjoying autumn and I'm in no hurry to rush the season.
I'm actually relishing the darker evenings. Being able to draw the curtains and shut ourselves away is really appealing to my slothful side. A form of hibernation. I'm changing into my pyjamas earlier and earlier each night.

The trees are rapidly dropping their leaves now and we've had great fun this weekend walking in a nearby deer park and kicking up leaves. The squirrels were playing a great game of hide and seek and the deer themselves blending into the background amongst the trees. The fresh country air helping to stave off the beginnings of a cold that has been threatening for the last week or so, and which I would much rather do without.

Our week at home was largely uneventful. There were health appointments to be kept, the car went for it's MOT and the gas boiler was serviced. We enjoyed some walks out, trips to the park and generally frittered our time away. We usually go away for October half term, so this was quite a contrast for us, but I quite enjoyed the more leisurely approach. The highlight of the week, however, was meeting up with Suzanne from Snapshots of Number 38. We spent a lovely few hours chatting together while Lily played in the park and enjoyed a walk along the seafront, followed by lunch. Suzanne very kindly gifted Lily some books and colouring pens in a beautifully stitched holder, along with some chocolate and stickers. They have been well used already Suzanne, and as you can imagine, the chocolate didn't last long at all. Thank you, again. I do hope you enjoy the reciprocal pebble and feather. 😆

This week, our cosy evenings have been enhanced by the warm glow from our carved pumpkin, or, as Lily would say, 'punkin'. This one has been for our enjoyment alone, but we have two more to carve, in order to welcome any trick or treater's which may be heading our way on Hallowe'en. Although we don't have any tricks,  only treats.
J. X