Wednesday 28 June 2023

Warm June Evenings

Recently, I saw a quote somewhere, which read 'June is the gateway to summer.' I sincerely hope this is true and that we haven't seen the last of the warm sunny weather.

June began with some truly glorious sunshine and high temperatures, which continued up until last week when heavy showers finally interrupted our long spell of dry weather. And even though the rain has been much needed for the gardens and in order to replenish the reservoirs, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be only a temporary blip in the grand scheme of things, and that summer, in the way I prefer it, will return again very soon.

Today has been very dull and incredibly wet. The garden has breathed a sigh of relief and the cats have returned to their usual positions on the beds - even Mog! It is for this reason that I try to embrace those warm sunny days whenever I can, sometimes even on a school night! 

This is often all done in  bit of a hurry, and it isn't always easy, especially while having to factor in the time for homework, necessary household chores etc. But every so often, I remind myself that life moves quickly,  and it is so important to just stop and be present in the moment. Creating those special memories while we can.

On several evenings in the last few weeks, we've been down by the lake shore. It's a wonderful time of day, and it is surprising how quiet it can be there, especially knowing how busy it would have been earlier in the afternoon. And there are also not many activities that compare with watching the late evening sun setting over the fells. This is something that can only be enhanced while enjoying a chippy tea, which has happened on more than one occasion recently :)

We've walked by waterfalls, paddled in the lake and simply sat and watched the world go by from beneath the cool shade of a large oak tree. 

Last week, however, we got to indulge in one of the most idyllic swimming spots in The Lakes, all to ourselves. We walked there late in the afternoon, with Lily still wearing her school uniform dress and her trainers. This must have been great timing on our part because this beautiful, naturally formed plunge pool, surrounded by fells and overlooking the lake was ours alone, for a short while, at least. It was so relaxing, and we enjoyed such a wonderful evening swimming under the bright blue sky, in the crystal clear water. It was the perfect way to cool off at the end of a hot day. 

If June is, in fact, the gateway to summer, then I am looking forward to seeing what else lies in store for us. 

J. X