Friday 5 May 2017


During the last two weeks I have focused on my physical wellbeing and as a family we have settled once more into our familiar routine of work, pre-school and general day to day activities. It is a simple routine which many would find mundane and dull but which I find comforting and most welcome.
Thank you to everyone who left  kind and encouraging comments on my previous post. They mean such a lot to me. Just the last few days I have felt a huge improvement and I intend to continue to build on this.

This week *my legs, at least, have been getting plenty of exercise. We haven't ventured far from home but we've been along lanes, up hills, through fields and into the woods. The  Bluebells were making an appearance the last time we were there, but since then the green of the woodland floor has been transformed into a carpet of blue. There were Bluebells as far as the eye could see, all dancing in the breeze. The sunlight through the gentle canopy of the trees was making beautiful patterns on the ground. I could have stayed there all day.

We must have walked for miles altogether, although there is always the obligatory stop for refreshment, yet I never seem to feel tired in these surroundings.
J. X
* As anyone accompanying a small child knows, my lungs have also been exercised through shouting "wait there!" "come on!" "get off that, it's too high!" and many, many more similar expressions of 'encouragement.'