Monday 13 December 2021

A Very Berry Christmas


I was awake early this morning and immediately I felt a slight sense of panic. I was feeling exhausted, a little bit shivery, and my neck and shoulders ached. You can probably imagine what I was thinking. Thankfully, it was just a few moments later, that I realised my tiredness was probably because it was still only 5.30am. I was shivering because the heating doesn't come on until 6, and my neck and shoulders were aching as a consequence of my mildly aggressive use of the hacksaw yesterday. Suffice to say I was feeling  lot more 'with it' by the time I had finished my coffee, and the aching lessened as the day went on. 

Today's 'festive' has been the making of more blackberry and elderberry compote, and finally straining the spiced blackberry vodka that has been quietly resting at the back of the kitchen cupboard for the last three months - I had almost forgotten about it! It seems such a long time ago now that Lily and I went foraging for those fruits, way back in the middle of September, but the vodka, especially, is always worth the wait. The length of the steeping process works out perfectly for Christmas enjoyment, and the added cinnamon and cloves help give it a delicious festive flavour.

It was 'such a pity', therefore, that I didn't have enough bottles. I ended up needing to pour myself a small glassful. Well, I really wouldn't want to waste any :)

I've finished decorating for Christmas now. I just need to cut some more holly for the dining room, but I will leave that until next week, so that it stays fresh. Oh, and I've finally made a start on my gift wrapping!

J. X