Sunday 12 November 2023

Catch Up

I would just like to say thank you for your all kind words and messages, they are very much appreciated. It's been a little over a month since I was last in this space. At first, October seemed to drag on and on, and yet, as the days became darker, all of  sudden we were into November, and it felt as if it was over in the blink of an eye. It's been a challenging month for me, as I have been grappling with my health. It's nothing serious. At least I don't think it is. Just some sort of a virus that I can't seem to shake. I'm also not ignoring the fact that had I not been so run down in the first place, I would have been back to my old self long before now. As it is, I'm still far from feeling in good health, but this week I feel like I may have turned the corner. Here's hoping.

It was for that reason that I took a step back from posting here. Looking after Lily and keeping things ticking over have been about all I could manage. 

Anyway, a brief catch up. These autumnal pictures seem at odds with the weather we're currently experiencing - almost wintry- but I'm going to post them anyway :)

In the middle of October, before my health took a downward spiral, we took a trip to our nearest pumpkin patch. It was a glorious blue sky morning for our visit, and there was even a ground frost, which for a short while at least made the whole field sparkle. We chose five pumpkins in all. One of which was so very small, it was far too cute to leave behind. 

We combined our trip out with a visit to Acorn Bank. The trees were just beginning to shed their leaves and as it hadn't been that long since we visited the flour mill, instead we took the woodland walk towards the wildlife hide. It was lovely and quiet there with just the two of us, but we still didn't manage to spot any wildlife. 

The following week we went to The Peak District, staying in the lovely village of Winster. Now, if someone had said to me the evening before that I could have cancelled with a full refund, I would have snapped their hand off. Unusually for me, I really wasn't feeling in the mood for going anywhere, and looking back, that should have been an indicator that something wasn't quite right.

I am glad we went though. We went to Bakewell, Matlock Bath and the village of Eyam. One morning it rained, and so we stayed dry by enjoying a visit to the nearby National Trust property of Keddleston Hall. Then in the afternoon, by the time we went for a walk up on the moor, it had all but cleared.

We stopped in an old miner's cottage, so evenings were spent cosying up in front of the wood burner. You can just about see our pumpkin which we decided to take along with us. I told you it was small!

Our last day was spent in Matlock Bath at The Heights of Abraham. Admission to the Heights is by cable car, which was an experience in itself, given the glorious weather. We could see for miles. Here we took guided tours of two underground caverns and also enjoyed panoramic views. Thankfully, I was able to keep going fuelled by a combination of sunshine and coffee.

Although it was genuinely lovely to get away, and I don't wish to appear ungrateful, but I was quite relieved to come home again. When you're under the weather, the comforting familiarity of home cannot be underestimated, and I was also missing my cats. 🐈

Hallowe'en was the busiest I remember in while. I'm sure we received at least eight groups of callers, all of whom were wearing the most amazing costumes, and were all very sweet and polite. I almost gave up on my dinner that evening, as every time I sat down to eat, would hear the door knocker again.  

Last weekend we enjoyed a gentle walk around Grasmere. I don't think I could manage to get up on the fells right now but I was desperate to get out, even if it was just for a short while. The Lake District is displaying it's autumn colour and there is nowhere I would rather be to try and recharge my batteries.

Bonfire night was spent toasting marshmallows and lighting sparklers in our garden.

So far, the remainder of this month is looking fairly quiet, so I'm hoping I can use this time to recuperate and regain my strength before December begins. I'm also going to attempt to slow down and pace myself more, which is never more important for me than during the cold winter months. 

J. X