Wednesday 9 March 2022


I didn't really know how I should begin this post. With everything that is going on in the world it seems rather frivolous of me to be writing about the normality of my days. And yet I have found comfort in reading other blogs, so I will persevere, and I'm sure the photographs will speak for themselves. 

March has brought with it some much needed sunshine to these parts. It is as though the grey clouds lifted all at once and spring is finally edging it's way in. Mornings have been bright, but the bitterly cold wind is a sharp reminder that winter is still very much with us.

We've enjoyed some lovely walks. Well wrapped up, of course. And I've been able to get some washing hung out on the line, at last. We continue to have a steady stream of birds to the feeders in the garden and the grass has now benefitted from it's first cut of the year. I just need to turn the soil and then I can make a start on preparing the garden for the warmer months ahead. The lawn, especially, needs a lot of extra care.

It is wonderful to see spring buds in the hedgerows and it won't be long until the daffodils will be out in flower. I might even go and gather some wild garlic from the woods tomorrow. 

At the weekend we took a short walk up Souther Fell, setting off from the small village of Mungrisdale. The fell is a popular launching site for paragliders and we saw around eight in the air while we were there. Unsurprisingly, as the conditions would have been perfect. 
My feet remained firmly on the ground, however. And we enjoyed our walk, followed by a picnic lunch in a small wildlife garden, finishing off our day by sitting outside the village pub with a refreshing drink.

My week began as usual, but now I'm at home, having finally tested positive for covid just yesterday. Time to put my feet up and have a cup of tea, I think. 

J. X