Saturday 23 December 2023

Christmas Eve Eve


It has been almost as busy as Santa's workshop here today. This morning I cleaned the house from top to bottom, washed and dried two loads of laundry, then this afternoon I baked some flapjack, some mince pies, and finished wrapping my presents. Christmas Day is almost here.

The Winter Solstice, yesterday, was welcomed with candles and reflection. And after my successful supermarket and farm shop visits, I happily busied myself in the kitchen. Oh, how I have enjoyed spending more of my time in there over the last couple of days. I bottled the vodka and made a final batch of compote using the delicious blackberries I gathered back in summer. I also made a large batch of carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash soup. The weather outside was frightful, and as the rain poured and the wind blew, I felt very grateful for my warm, cosy home, realising how fortunate I am to have a safe roof over my head and cupboards filled with nourishing food. 

The turning of the wheel. Winter is upon us. From here onwards, the days will start getting longer and we will see a return to the light. As someone who is never happier than when feeling the warm sun on my face, this brings me a great sense of calm.

In the evening this manifested as a sudden urge to go out for a run. Lately, having had little to no opportunity to get out running, this was quite unexpected but very much enjoyed. The simple fact that I am still capable of this activity is a huge bonus - I wasn't certain my legs would manage. It was damp and it was dark, but the wind had subsided and the air was still. The run left me feeling quite energised and I made a note to myself to not leave it quite so long until I go out again.

Back to this evening, I put my feet up and enjoyed one of my mince pies with a drink of hot blackcurrant. Now that everything is prepared, I intend to relax and enjoy the next few days.

J. X