Tuesday 20 July 2021


It was another scorcher, not that I'm complaining, I love this hot sunny weather. 

I enjoyed a gentle, albeit very early, start to my day. The sun crept in through the gaps at the edges of the curtains and Mog (obviously starving 😀) was keen to make her presence felt. I like to wander out into the garden in the cooler morning air. Some of the wildflowers are only fully open at this time, closing up again as the sun's rays become stronger, and the bees are already buzzing from flower to flower. I am so happy with my decision to plant a wildflower bed, just as I'd hoped, the garden has definitely come to life with pollinators this year.

I spent another relaxed morning mostly reading, in between doing a few household chores, then in the afternoon we went to the swimming pool again. The pool is situated right next to a river, which is looking rather low just now, but it was lovely and cool there, beneath the shade of the trees. 

We had a great time at the pool. Limited numbers meant it wasn't too busy and Lily had a lot of fun jumping in at the deep end with another girl. After so much time away from it,  it is lovely to see her growing in confidence once again.

Returning home, we ate pizza for dinner and spent a lovely evening in the garden. And with a blanket wrapped round my shoulders, I watched as the sun went down, whilst enjoying my elderflower cordial with some prosecco. 

J. X