Thursday 1 April 2021

Time to Just Be

The readiness in which I've eased into my time off work this week has made me realise just how much it was needed. Along with my delight at the clear signs of spring and brighter days, I have felt myself completely relax. I've also been reassured at how quickly Lily has come to relish spending more time outdoors.  The recent pressures of home learning and way too much screen time hopefully put behind us now. 

The week began gently, with a quiet day for me and (now that the stables have opened up again) a riding lesson for Lily. I hope this is something she will continue to enjoy, as it's wonderful to see her trying something new and watching her confidence grow. 

Then, after what had felt like a very long time, Tuesday saw us out on the fells once again. This time we walked over Nab Scar to Heron Pike. It was a very foggy morning and, thanks to my preference to early starts, the first views we got to enjoy were on our descent back down towards Rydal but it felt good to give our legs a good stretch and I'm looking forward to more of the same over the coming months. We also enjoyed a wander through Dora's Field, which is a small area of woodland previously owned by the Wordsworth family and planted with daffodils when Dora, William's daughter, died. It was beautiful and so lovely to have it all to ourselves for the time we were there.

On Wednesday it was warm and sunny, so I spent most of the day in the garden. Some of the bulbs I got gifted at the beginning of lockdown last year are shooting up again but the Fritillary are already flowering. We've planted some sweet peas and sunflowers and scattered wildflower seeds. I now need to decide what to plant in one of the borders. Lily returned home from school last week with a tiny shoot, which I've already had to re-pot, as it's growing so fast. Apparently it's a runner bean. It was even warm enough to take the lemon trees outside, although with the temperatures set to fall over the next week, they're back on the kitchen windowsill for the time being.

J. X