Friday 18 December 2020



It's been a busy, exhausting, but wonderful day. Work finished at 4 o'clock this afternoon, so I'll be at home from now until the New Year.

Lily's last morning of school was the Christmas party celebrations. She's had a fantastic day and looked suitably festive in her red sequined top and polished nails, and without her uniform, she's looking very grown up all of a sudden.

This evening we made our Christingle. I remember being given one of these every year as a child. My main concern, back then, being how long to wait before eating the sweets off the cocktail sticks. :)

This year, we've enjoyed putting it together ourselves. Lily read the directions very carefully, and took her time to assemble the Christingle, even down to singing a Christmas carol as we lit the candle - she chose Silent Night.

J. X