Wednesday 9 December 2020

Peter the Polar Bear

This evening we've decorated our tree. I had originally planned that we would do this after dinner, with some Christmas music playing in the background and a large glass of Baileys in my hand. What I hadn't accounted for, however, was Lily's level of excitement, and insisting we decorate the tree the moment she returned home from school. Fortunately, the tree was in position, having been brought into the house earlier this morning, and I had already hung the lights, so it was all set for Lily to do the fun part. My Baileys would just have to wait.  

With the box of decorations open on the coffee table, we removed each glass bauble from it's tissue paper wrapping and hung them carefully on the more sturdy branches of the tree. Next we opened the more special decorations. Some which have been bought on holidays or weekends away and others gifted from a dear friend. This year, with not being able to enjoy our usual visit to the Christmas markets, we found our decoration much closer to home, at the farm shop. 

Introducing Peter the Polar Bear. Peter is a lovely little felted bear and he's been waiting very patiently above the fireplace all week, just ready for his moment on the tree,

which is fully decorated, and until now has remained that way. For how much longer, I'm not too sure.........

I think I'll be needing that Baileys. 

J. X