Monday 20 December 2021

A Big Rock!

When i woke early this morning, the field behind the house was frosted and white, yet in the short time it took for me to drink my coffee, the temperature had risen quite dramatically and it had all but thawed. Quite a contrast from the previous day's bitter chill.
Breakfast eaten and with a light lunch packed, we were soon on our way towards Rosthwaite, a small village in the Borrowdale valley, and the start of our walk today.

The path led us away from the River Derwent and rose steeply through the trees, before opening up on the fellside with views of the village below. Light wisps of cloud hung low in the valley and the air was perfectly still. It was so very quiet there, the only sound we could hear was the barking of farm dogs far below us.

It didn't take long before we reached the summit,  and it was there that  we sat and enjoyed our lunch. I could see Keswick in the distance, although the view was missing several of it's distinguishing fells, all hidden beneath a bank of cloud.

After retracing our steps back to the car  we drove a little further along the road to somewhere Lily had been most excited to visit. I mean, who needs the fun of an Edinburgh Christmas Market when you can have the sheer joy of a huge rock! The Bowder Stone. It is not known if this is an erratic or if it has broken off from the Crag above. What is known,  however,  is the awe in which it is viewed by a certain eight year old - we had to climb up those steps at least three times, and it's a lot higher than it looks! 

After a little rest, and a delicious slice of the mincemeat shortbread, we walked down to the lake shore, where Lily spent some more time practising her stone skimming skills. 

This evening I've enjoyed a glass of Baileys, some Quality Street and a well earned rest. And I still haven't wrapped any of my presents!

J. X