Thursday 17 December 2020

A Mince Pie for Breakfast

It's been another busy day (roll on Friday) and it wasn't until lunchtime that I realised the only thing I'd had to eat all morning was a mince pie, and it wasn't even a home made one! 

Photo shamelessly borrowed from last year :)

After taking Lily to school first thing, I'd dashed into town to buy a roll of wrapping paper and some ground ginger. My regular supermarket had sold out and, as I'm hoping to make a gingerbread house next week, I needed to try and get hold of some. It was quite reassuring that the town centre looking the busiest I'd seen it in a few weeks. Everyone seemed happy and appeared to be enjoying shopping safely and responsibly. Each store I visited had hand sanitizer at the door and I didn't notice anyone who wasn't wearing a mask. It was a successful trip, as the wrapping paper I wanted was on sale and I also managed to get some ground ginger, although it was the very last jar on the shelf - note to self to be more organised next year. I also came across a fairy light necklace, which I picked up as a surprise for Lily, to replace her previous one, which had broken. This had been kindly given to her by a waitress who'd served us in Manchester on a trip to the Christmas markets a couple of years ago. Happy memories. 

This should be the last of my Christmas shopping now, but I realise I've said this before. 

This afternoon, we received a really lovely gift. With not being able to hold the usual Christingle service this year, the village church has made up paper bags containing an orange, and candle and everything else we need to make our very own Christingle. We're going to put it together some time during the next couple of days, and I will be sure to share it with you then. 

J. X