Thursday 24 December 2020

The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care

The house is quiet. There's a mince pie, a small glass of brandy and a carrot plated up on the coffee table, and I'm hoping Lily will soon be fast asleep. I won't be long out of bed myself, as I expect it will be an early start for me in the morning.

I've had a busy, but very relaxed day, a Christmas Eve to remember for all the right reasons. 

This morning we  enjoyed a climb up Catbells, one of the lower Lakeland fells which overlooks Derwentwater and is a popular walk with people visiting Keswick. A beautiful but bitterly cold morning, we took our time on the ascent, pausing regularly to appreciate the views. It was lovely (and very festive) to see the snow on the surrounding higher fells, and we needed to tread carefully to avoid the patches of ice on the path. Well, I did at least. Lily couldn't resist the feeling of it crunching beneath her boots.

It was only a short walk, so it wasn't long before we were heading home, full of excitement to begin our Christmas celebrations. After warming up with a large mug of coffee, I put my bread to bake in the oven and Lily added the finishing touches to our gingerbread house. 

This evening we've enjoyed the (still warm) bread with some delicious baked camembert and cranberry sauce and I finally opened the tin of Quality Street - I didn't trust myself to open it any earlier :) I might have also enjoyed a festive tipple or two.

Tomorrow, I expect, will be full of fun and laughter, a last opportunity for the family to be together for a while. I hope however you are spending it this year, that you manage to have yourself a happy, healthy and joyful Christmas.

J. X