Friday 13 July 2018

Another Week

It's that time of year once again. There is excitement in the air as we look towards the last week of the school year, and as usual I am ready for a break from the routine. Much as I try to make time to relax and unwind at the weekends, there is still nothing quite like not having the need to 'encourage ' a small person to get up and out of the door early every weekday morning, and the idea of those empty days stretched out ahead of us full of opportunity makes me feel very happy indeed. Places to go, things to do and adventures to be had.

The last few weeks have been a gentle slowing down, without the hurried frenzy the end of term often brings with it, so I'm hoping next week will be reasonably calm.  This last week was the school summer production with Lily playing the part of a snowflake, although it was so hot she decided she was melting! She looked very sweet in her white costume and played her part really well.

The days have been consistently hot and sunny, and although it has been lovely and we have been enjoying some shorter walks and days out, the garden is now looking a little worse for wear with much of the lawn being sun scorched. Thankfully the vegetables seem to be fairing a little better with regular evening watering and I have a feeling we are in for a good crop of tomatoes. They seem to be appearing on a daily basis, not bad for our first attempt using an inexpensive packet of seeds.

Our small raised bed contains beetroot, carrots, spring onions, courgettes and beans. What started as a bit of growing fun for Lily is once again providing us with some delicious home grown produce, and I cant wait for the sunflowers to bloom.

Mog has been showing her face more often and has discovered a new favourite place to relax by the back door. It is lovely watching Lily stroking and hugging her. Mog is so good with her and doesn't mind Lily's  fascination with her soft fur. They appear to have a mutual understanding, as is often the way with animals and children.

Last Sunday we went for a walk in the woods, then on through the fields where Lily discovered her very first Geocache all by herself.  Following an afternoon spent relaxing at home we then finished the day with fish and chips down by the sea,  a perfect way to round off the weekend.

This evening I am off out! A rare treat for me. One of the lovely mums from school has arranged an end of the school year meal. I don't often get the opportunity to dress up, made clear by Lily who looked surprised and  said 'Oh, you look pretty mummy!'  I think it means I should really be making a bit more effort on a regular basis. 😄
J. X