Thursday 9 December 2021

Found Them!

I hardly stopped yesterday.  A last minute rearrangement of plans in school meant that Lily ended up staying with me for the morning, therefore, any plans of my finishing the Christmas shopping were well and truly scuppered. The errands I could still get on with, we did together. Before we set off I prepared dinner in the slow cooker. It's always good to know there is something prepared for when I finish work. 

Some jeans got returned - a little too snug for me - oops! We took a parcel to the post office, then finally we went shopping for our new tree decoration. On returning home, I received a lovely and most unexpected surprise. My amazing friend, who I've known for many years now and who is aware of my difficulties in getting a full night's sleep, sent me the nicest little care package. It contained some spiced apple, vanilla and camomile tea, some chocolates (always welcome), also some lavender pillow spray, bubble bath and oil. What a thoughtful gift. The chocolates have already disappeared :) and I tried the pillow spray last night. It hasn't made any difference so far, but it does smell lovely. I messaged her immediately to express my gratitude.

With Lily then dropped off at school, I dashed straight from work to meet some more friends for coffee, then it was back to work again until 6 o'clock. By this time I was feeling pretty tired and wasn't really in the mood to start thinking about the tree, but I had promised, and Lily was determined to decorate it on the 8th.

Fortunately, once the lights were hung and I began to unwrap all the decorations, it wasn't long at all before the tree was finished and we could stand back and admire our handiwork, complete with the dried orange slices. 

And you can probably guess what I discovered right at the bottom of the decorations box...

J. X