Wednesday 27 March 2019

First Weekend in Spring

Along with a change in circumstances (and a good dose of sea air!) I am in no doubt my feelings of positivity have greatly increased with the much needed arrival of spring. The false start at the end of February had been a wonderful surprise and, although it was really far too early for such balmy temperatures, it only served to intensify my longing for warmer days and outdoor adventures.

It is the time of year when the garden appears in a hurry to wake from it's winter sleep. Things are growing at an alarming rate,  although,  if the weeds would care to take their time, then that would be more than fine with me.  The grass has now had it's first cut of the season and we are thinking about what to plant out there this year. Definitely sweet peas (me) and definitely a pumpkin (Lily) and always sunflowers. As yet, I'm undecided about anything else but I do know I would much prefer a low maintenance approach this year. I love spending time in the garden but I am, by no means, naturally green fingered.

On Saturday we took a walk around Grasmere. We were up bright and early, which is no longer a chore seeing as the mornings are getting lighter and we are treated to a regular dawn chorus. This meant we were able to enjoy a quiet walk along the lake shore from Grasmere village to the lower end of Loughrigg Fell. It is a favourite walk of ours and is an ideal place for a spot of paddling or a picnic. Not on this day, however, it was much too chilly. Although I did lose track of the amount of times I had to remind Lily to keep out of the water. Even though there is a perfectly good path, she insisted on walking right next to the water's edge and, more often than not, right in it! Thank goodness for decent walking boots, as her feet remained warm and dry the whole time we were out.

On Sunday we went for a walk in the nearby woods. Again, it was lovely and quiet and it was clear to see the woodland floor coming back to life, with Wood Anemones and Wild Garlic in abundance and it is obvious it won't be long before the Bluebells will be making an appearance. We stopped by the pond and had a good long look at the frog spawn, which we will enjoy watching change and grow over the next few weeks, but the main reason for our visit was to gather some of the Wild Garlic. It wasn't difficult as the fresh young shoots were plentiful and, with my little helper, we soon had enough to fill our small bag.  Once home, it was quickly turned into the most delicious, fresh tasting pesto, which we enjoyed simply, stirred through fresh pasta and topped with a sprinkling of cheese. If you have never tried it before I would definitely recommend it. The recipe I use is here.
J. X