Monday 21 December 2020

Winter Solstice

It was another early start for me this morning. Mog was my alarm, deciding she needed me as a companion to begin the day with. I can't understand why she chooses to do this sometimes, other than to simply annoy me. Outside appeared grey and gloomy, and I was glad of the warm glow from the lights on the Christmas tree.

It was a gentle start to my day, however. A quiet house, several mugs of coffee and a good blog catch up. I always appreciate the opportunity to read uninterrupted.

After lunch we went out for our Midwinter walk. The sky a pewter grey and the still damp air somehow seemed appropriate for the shortest day of the year. We needed to wear our wellies again, the ground gets so muddy beneath the trees. 

We walked up the hill and through the field where we'd gathered blackberries at the end of the summer. It seems such a long time ago now and yet no time at all. The ever changing seasons marking the passing of time with reassuring constancy.

Winter is upon us. A time to retreat, light candles and hunker down at home, as we begin our gradual return towards light and warmth.  

Solstice blessings.

J. X