Sunday 25 October 2020

Quiet October Days


The clocks went back last night and the end of the year looms ever closer. The days are getting shorter and recently have been rushing by much faster than I am comfortable with. Leaves fill the porch, there is a small heap of conkers on the coffee table and pumpkins and gourds of various shapes and sizes adorn the mantel. 
My days have become reassuringly repetitive. During the week, once work and school are over, there is time for little else. Unless the weather is really bad, Lily will then play outside until darkness descends, only coming indoors under duress. I don't know why this should surprise me, she is her mother's daughter after all :)

One or two mornings each week I go out for a run. I relish this time when the lanes are quiet, often not passing  another person  for the most of my route, only sheep in the fields, and the occasional fell pony or squirrel.  At the moment I have to be really careful to avoid slipping, as the ground is covered with damp leaves and acorns. Any conkers I spy are quickly gathered and brought back home with me to add to our ever increasing collection.

As is always the case in October, the weather is so very changeable. Wet and windy days can become bright and sunny in a moment, but so far this month most of our walking has been done in wellies. Last weekend we enjoyed a long awaited trip into town for a new pair for Lily. I hadn't been shopping, other than for food, since March, so it felt good to be back doing something 'normal' again, albeit with additional precautions in place. And suffice to say the wellies have enjoyed plenty of use already. 

As the days become darker, I find I spend more and more of my time in the kitchen.  When it's pouring with rain outside, there's nothing nicer than hunkering down indoors, whiling away an afternoon baking a delicious cake or some biscuits. A few weeks ago I couldn't resist treating myself to an oak leaf shaped biscuit cutter I found online. I knew it would be perfect for gingerbread, especially at this time of year.

My favourite part of autumn, however, is just getting outdoors and enjoying the changing colours of the season. This deer park is one of my favourite places to walk, especially as the weather turns colder. The deer are often hidden amongst the trees, so it was a lovely surprise to see some run across the path just in front of us. 
This week sees the start of our half-term break. I hope to get out and enjoy some more walks when the weather permits, but mainly I intend to relax and enjoy my time at home. This afternoon, however, we are going to the farm to choose our pumpkins. 🎃🎃🎃

J. X