Tuesday 14 February 2017

Hearts and Cake

Once again we are halfway through the month before I realise. I have been keeping quite busy and my month got off to a great start when I went to see my favourite band in concert. It's been years since I went to a such a big event and it was just as thrilling as I remembered.
Thankfully, following some dull days, it is now becoming noticeable that the hours of daylight are gradually increasing. Hurray! for that.
My eyes are telling me Spring is on it's way although I am still reaching for my Winter woollies in a morning. It has been very cold and incredibly windy recently. Yesterday I got quite excited (yes, I know, it doesn't take much) at the thought of hanging out my washing only to change my mind at the prospect of it getting blown off the line. Our walks have been kept at a low level for the same reason.

For the most part I am still cooking from scratch and really relishing my time spent in the kitchen. The bread making is ongoing and I used the same recipe to make some bread rolls which turned out to be just as tasty.
Also in the kitchen this week I baked a delicious Lemon Drizzle cake and today the delicate scent of the Hyacinths on the kitchen windowsill has been overpowered by the amazing aroma of freshly baked Chocolate Orange Brownies. A Valentines treat for me my family.
Happy Valentine's Day.
J. X