Thursday 15 December 2022



I really don't tolerate cold weather very well at all, but I haven't found the recent low temperatures too unbearable, that is until today. It has been freezing all week, and so incredibly chilly that I made sure Lily has been wearing a pair of leggings underneath her school trousers each day! But it was -9° when I took her to school this morning! A little 'fresher' than I would like. 
It also doesn't help that I have been feeling tired today, as I had woken several times during the night.

An ordinary day, it began as usual for me, by putting some food down for Mog and Boo. Who, if appearances were anything to go by, hadn't eaten in days :) Next, I topped up the bird feeder, with a reminder to myself to buy some more fat balls next time I am in town. I also put out some fresh water and some small pieces of bread. We've been receiving plenty of visitors on these frosty mornings. My favourites, as always, are the robins.

This afternoon, I was, again, helping at the Warm Space event in the village. And after it proved to be so popular last week, I baked some more of the mincemeat shortbread, which went down a treat, and disappeared just as quickly.

An unexpected, last minute cancellation of plans, meant we have, at least enjoyed a less hurried evening.  Now, it is an early night for me, as tomorrow I will be spending the day rounding up Shepherds, Wise Men and Angels!

J. X