Saturday 18 January 2020


Since the beginning of 2019 turned into a rather worrying and stressful time, I feel like, so far, this month I've been a little on edge and expecting a potential problem to present itself.  Foolish, I know, as no amount of worrying can prevent anything bad from happening and only serves to leave me feeling tense and wrung out, and I'm also relieved to say that, so far, the year is ticking along very nicely indeed.

Following a lovely festive break, I've settled into my stride once again with work and running the home. The Christmas cake is all gone now and I baked some shortbread using up a half jar of mincemeat I discovered hiding at the back of the fridge - it was delicious!

Most importantly, I've spent lots of time outdoors. I've been taking part in RED January, which is an initiative to get active every day throughout the month, and so far it's going well. I might have thought otherwise when I found myself soaked through to the skin while running in the pouring rain last Saturday evening, but I'm feeling much better for it and it's so good to be doing something just for me.

On Sunday we went for a gentle walk up Sale Fell, which overlooks the top end of Bassenthwaite Lake. It's a walk I've been meaning to do for some time now - one of many! - and with the weather on our side, for a short time at least, it was just the right distance and height to enjoy this short stroll, while still being able to enjoy some beautiful views. It was rather windy at the summit, however, we didn't hang around up there for very long.

I have noticed the afternoons drawing out ever so slightly and I'm looking forward to ever increasing hours of daylight. My houseplants, which were beginning to look rather sad, have all been moved to the kitchen windowsill in order to get as much light as possible and it's beginning to get a little crowded there, especially with the recent addition of some hyacinths which are just starting to open up.

On these cold dark evenings I've been keeping busy with a new crochet project. A small blanket for my friend who's baby is due in March. I hope to share the finished results very soon.

Later, I'm going to enjoy some time catching up with some blog reading but, as we're forecast a bright and frosty day here, I'm off out to enjoy a walk in the woods first.
Happy Saturday!

J. X