Wednesday 1 August 2018

Summertime Bliss

Our summer break is now in full swing and with this week having been a little less busy than the first, life has taken on a slower pace and I have finally managed to stop and catch my breath. 

Although the mornings are delightfully unhurried, especially if we have no set plans, my day still begins with a little face asking 'what are we going to do today?' and staring at me in anticipation.  No pressure then.

I am always grateful, therefore, that I find we are able to gain such enjoyment in simple pleasures. There is usually something to keep us occupied, whether at home or a short journey away. The beautiful sunny weather and being able to spend most of our days outside has been to our advantage. 

Our garden has been the setting for bubble blowing and cartwheel practise and Lily has decided the swing can also double as a climbing frame (I find it easier not to look at this point)! The lawn is still looking a bit worse for wear thanks to the dry weather and the raised bed is becoming more sparse as time goes on, with the vegetables gradually being put to good use. We are still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and the last remaining sunflower to open up, but I am just so relieved they have all survived the blustery winds we've been having this week.

We've enjoyed  picnics, trips to the park and the woods, kite flying and a day spent at the beach. I find a sea breeze is the perfect way to keep cool during the hottest days, and for me it isn't summer until I feel the sand between my toes and I've been in the water. The toffee fudge ice-cream I had was pretty delicious too!  

We really have been spoiled with warm days, sunshine and blue sky this year. It has felt like a proper summer. And even though I am seeing the blackberries begin to ripen and the nights are  becoming darker just that little bit earlier, I really hope it lasts for a while longer.