Saturday 26 December 2020

Boxing Day

I had such a lovely time yesterday, that today has felt a little flat. The novelty of the previous night's peace and quiet had been short lived and I found myself missing the general activity and chaos of Christmas Day. Grateful, however, for the opportunity to have even had that.

I was awake early, as usual, and enjoyed my first coffee of the day (there have been many) by the glow of the fairy lights. Our little tree has done well this year.  Although I've kept it well watered, I've still needed to vacuum up the pine needles frequently. Not that you'd notice, as fortunately there aren't any bare patches. It's staying right where it is for now but will probably get planted in the garden next weekend. 

I've spent the day doing very little, it's been pleasantly relaxed. Had the weather been better we'd have gone out for a walk, but aside from a brief visit this morning, the wind and rain have seen me keeping warm and cosy indoors for the remainder of the day. It hasn't stopped me checking out possible routes for the week ahead, however :)

Meals have been picky, made up of Christmas leftovers - crackers, cheese, chocolates and gingerbread - and my body isn't thanking me for it. Too much rich food, I've been feeling lethargic and sluggish all afternoon. You'd think I would know better at my age. Hopefully a good night's sleep and some 'proper' food tomorrow will have me feeling brighter and a bit more energised. Someone please hide the Quality Street.

How was your day?

J. X