Monday 31 December 2018

End of the Year

Just like in the words of the song, we had ourselves a merry little Christmas and I really hope you did too. Thank you all so very much for your good wishes. We enjoyed a relaxed day at home, just as I like it and Lily had the best time. She received some lovely presents, including some roller skates, a dolls house and lots of books. The house has been in a complete state of disarray this week, with toys scattered everywhere and, as is usual, some of her old favourites have made a reappearance. The chaos is probably not helped by the fact  I use the excuse of the decorations being up to avoid doing all but absolutely necessary housework.

This time between Christmas and New Year has felt rather indulgent. Lazy mornings spent at home, followed by gentle afternoon walks, wearing woolly socks and muddy boots. It hasn't been cold, in fact it has been quite mild for this time of year, but the air is damp, so we've made sure to keep well wrapped up. Twinkling fairy lights adorning  small cottages with smoking chimneys, lent themselves to a cosy, festive feel. We've been through the fields, through the woods and down by the sea - where it was slightly more blustery than we were expecting, but it felt good to blow away the cobwebs. Taking along some mincemeat slice and a flask of coffee containing a splash of brandy was a special treat.

The week before Christmas, I took advantage of an excess of vegetables on offer at the supermarket, so on Boxing Day we enjoyed some very tasty homemade  parsnip soup. Usually, I add some cumin or curry powder but this recipe called for thyme, which gave it a really delicious flavour. I expect I'll be making more like this in the weeks to come, as the weather turns colder. 

Tomorrow we greet a new year and today I've been looking back at 2018 with fond memories. Often, I am eager to move on and leave behind the ups and downs of the previous  year, but not this time. Looking back through this blog reminds me of all the adventures and fun times we've enjoyed this year and I feel very blessed.

As I look ahead towards 2019, I would like to wish you all the  things I hope for myself and my family during the coming year. Thank you all for visiting and for your continued friendship.

A very Happy New Year to you all.
J. x