Wednesday 20 December 2023

Cranberries and Carols


If I overlook the mountain of ironing I worked through this morning, I have enjoyed a relaxed and stress free day. Simply the fact that I didn't wake until after 6am was proof of that. My brain has clearly tuned itself into holiday mode.

I've also spent some much needed time catching up on some blog reading, and it is  lovely to be up date with everyone's news. Although I'm having a few issues leaving comments on some posts and I think some might also have been sent directly to spam. I will keep persevering. 

This afternoon I made some cranberry sauce and the kitchen was filled with the most amazing aroma, as it simmered gently on the stove. I've put some in the freezer alongside the apple sauce, ready for serving with our Christmas Dinner, and the rest is going to be stirred in with our baked Camembert on Christmas Eve. As I don't really enjoy roast dinners, I'm sure you can probably guess which will be my favourite way of eating it. And I've still to bottle the blackberry vodka. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow. 

This evening, Lily and I went Carol singing in the village, accompanied by a wonderful community band. We were meant to be on the village green, but sadly the inclement weather put paid to that idea, so the event was held in the church instead. It was just such a lovely evening, filled with joyful singing and punctuated by terrible Christmas Cracker jokes. Also, we were asked to participate a little more than expected during The Twelve Days of Christmas. It was a good way of keeping us warm, at least. 
The evening was fairly well attended, I thought, and I even saw a couple of dogs who were very well behaved and sat beautifully throughout. 

Tomorrow, I think I shall be doing the Christmas food shopping. Wish me luck!

J. X