Sunday 20 December 2020

Mince Pies and Music

What better way to spend a damp grey morning on the run up to Christmas, than in the cosy warmth of the kitchen, making mince pies. Yes, this morning I finally got around to baking my first batch of the festive season and they are already disappearing fast. This must be the latest I've ever left it, temptation usually getting the better of me, but I expect I'll be making even more before the week is over. My star pastry cutter has been working extremely hard this year. ✩✩✩

Once cooled the mince pies were treated to a generous dusting of icing sugar, with six of them being set aside to be delivered along with some Christmas gifts later in the day.

Shortly after lunch, and being careful to dodge the heavy rain showers, we made a visit to the farm shop to buy some cheese. They have a wonderful cheese counter there, and there is usually something just a little bit different to try. At the moment, their selection is quite limited but we were able to get what we wanted, including my festive favourite, Wensleydale with cranberries. 
To get us in the Christmas mood, there was a concert band in the courtyard playing carols. A much welcome slice of normality in these ever changing times and some delightful background music to our visit.

This evening I've tidied my baking cupboard again, I'm terrible at not putting things away neatly. I also like to do a quick inventory occasionally, just so I can know exactly what's in there. If I'm not careful I end up getting all sorts of ingredients when I'm at the supermarket 'just in case,' and before I know it I have a cupboard full of cinnamon, ground almonds and cornflour. 

J. X