Friday 8 July 2022

Sunshine on Leaves

All credit goes to Lily for the title of this post, from her exclamation as we walked through the woods at the weekend. And apologies to those of you, who like myself, now have a certain song by The Proclaimers stuck in their head. Oh well. Who doesn't love The Proclaimers!

Our walk took us along some of our favourite tracks. Often completely empty during the autumn and winter months, they are now beginning to fill with summer visitors. I sometimes resent having to share 'our' woodland, which I know is completely ridiculous. But it's where we go to escape. Where the air smells earthy, and yet fresh. It's where we observe the changing of the seasons, gather elderflowers, wild garlic and berries. And for Lily, it's where the best sticks can be found! 

And at this time of year it attracts so many butterflies. 

It's where we walk when we don't want to venture far from home. It's where we eat chocolate, sat in our favourite spot, upon a fallen tree. It's where Lily explores independently, where her once tiny hands held tightly on to mine. It's where wellies are worn to allow for walking along the stream. It's where we look up at the sky through the gaps between the trees.
And it is where we gaze in wonderment at sunshine on leaves.