Thursday 31 December 2020

New Year's Eve

I woke early this morning and, as usual, I crept downstairs to sit quietly and enjoy my first coffee of the day. It had been another cold night and the garden was again covered in frost but, disappointingly, there wasn't any sign of the snow which had been forecast to arrive overnight. I'd switched on the tree lights and checked my phone for messages, before I glanced out of the window at the front of the house to see a few light flakes floating down. Not wishing to get my hopes up, I went into the kitchen to make my coffee, but I could see the snow beginning to settle along the driveway. A short while later I heard squeals of glee from upstairs. Lily had opened the curtains to see a covering of white. There wasn't enough snow for us to go sledging but it was still a magical way to start the day.

Today, we've enjoyed a walk by the river. It seemed quite appropriate really, considering we spent so much of our time there this year. Amongst all the worry and uncertainty there has always been something reassuring and constant in it's familiarity. We've walked along the banks, paddled in it's clear waters, enjoyed picnics on the rocky shores, looked for toad spawn and even fished for minnows. It's been lovely to watch how the seasons have changed the landscape throughout the year and this morning was no exception. The water covered the rocky shores where we had sat during the summer months and the bare trees gave little cover to the river below. 

This evening will be spent quietly. Still weary from our walks over the last few days, I expect I shall be in bed long before the clock strikes midnight. Therefore, I'm taking this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. 

J. X