Saturday 1 April 2017

Lily Tarn

Last weekend we were blessed with sunshine, blue skies and no work, so as we do around these parts, we got outdoors and made the most of it.
Now that Lily is getting that big bigger (as they do),  it is no longer as straightforward as putting her in the back carrier and striding out to wherever we like. Instead we now need to make use of distance and terrain more suitable for little legs.

A little research and map reading later  a short circular route from Ambleside led us up to the aptly named Lily Tarn. Although there was snow on the higher fells it was lovely and warm and the air was still.

Looking down at Lake Windermere.

A perfect spot for a picnic.

Lily Tarn.

From where we were parked it must have been about a five mile walk. Little legs did very well.
I am now looking forward to discovering more short walks which we have previously overlooked.
J. X