Monday 8 April 2024

Feeling Rested


The first week of the Easter holidays has flown by. The weather is still changeable, but we've managed to squeeze in some necessary and also some lovely things to do, in between the heavy rain showers. It has felt good knowing I didn't have to work to a schedule and, even though it isn't ever needed, I was nice not having to set my alarm. 

One of the first things on my list was the garden; I am so glad that I had managed to give it a good clear up before the winter months. Since the arrival of spring, I had just been waiting for the ground to dry out a little before getting to work out there. Well, with the amount of rain we've been experiencing, that won't be happening any time soon. So on one of our rare dry days, I set to work replenishing the raised bed with some top soil, and since then Lily and I have planted potatoes, carrots and beetroot. My new net tunnels should hopefully keep any unwanted pests away. I've tidied up the flower beds, and it looks likes most of the plants have survived the frosts this year. The apple trees are displaying new growth, and I've transferred the lemon trees into the back porch, so that I can move them out into the garden just as soon as the weather picks up. I'm looking forward to some sunny days, when I can sit out there with a cup of tea.

At least the grass has already had its first cut of the year, although it always amazes me just how quickly it shoots up again after winter. It's only a small patch of lawn but it can be a job to keep on top of it during the summer months. Something else I need to get on top of are the weeds at the side of the house! I keep reminding myself that the bees need the dandelions at this time of year, and I'm singlehandedly saving the planet by leaving them alone.

Lily has been kept busy with her school work, this week. She has her SATs coming up in May, and all the children have been given some practice test questions, so that they can know what sort of thing to expect. She has been, reluctantly, working at it little by little, simply to get it all completed, as this coming week we are going to be a bit busier, and she won't have the time.
It hasn't all been hard work, however. As a break from the test papers, she also enjoyed a fantastic activity day, taking part in cycling, archery and indoor caving. 

On one of the sunnier afternoons, we also enjoyed a walk along the canal. It was an area I hadn't been to before and it was so lovely and peaceful, although that might have been because the tow path was so muddy! Thank goodness we were wearing our boots. It was a typical spring-like afternoon. We were chilly one minute, then needing to take off our jackets the next. While we were walking, I took the opportunity to take a few photographs using my new phone, just to try and get used to the camera. It seems to be very similar to my previous one, and yet the photographs appear much brighter. 

At the weekend Lily and I endured a trip into town. Shopping is not one of our favourite things to do, but seeing as someone had grown, yet again, we needed to buy some new trainers. I can't believe she is now wearing the same size as me! While we were there, I also picked up a few other items , which will be necessary for me in a couple of weeks. It feels as though I've been building up to this for ever. I just hope things all go to plan. 

Back soon. 
J . X